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Which sports will Caris Sports Foundation offer financial support  for?

Caris Sports Foundation offers financial support for any team sport including, but not limited to, football, baseball/softball, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, and hockey. Financial support may also be offered for more individualized sports such as wrestling. Our belief is that if a child wants to participate in a particular sport and that sport is available through an approved organization, the Caris Sports Foundation will support it.

What if the sport I am interested in is not listed above?

In that case, please contact us directly. As noted above, if the sport you are interested in is offered through an approved organization, chances are good it will be considered appropriate for financial support purposes.


Who is eligible to apply for financial support from Caris Sports Foundation?

Any child who is a full-time student in grades K-12, an Arizona resident, and can demonstrate a financial need for financial support from Caris Sports Foundation may apply.


Who actually has to apply—the child, a parent, or a guardian?

The application requests information from the child and a parent or guardian. If the child is under 18 years of age, a parent or authorized guardian must sign the application.


I do not live in Arizona currently, but we will move there in the next few months. May I apply for financial support from Caris Sports Foundation?

No. Please wait until you are a resident of Arizona. At that time you are welcome to apply.


How do I demonstrate financial need?

The essay on the application form should reflect why there is a financial need.


What should our household income be to qualify for financial assistance?

There is no specific answer to this. Qualifying for financial assistance depends on numerous factors including the number of children in the household, existing financial obligations, the child’s current and past activities, and other variables. The key question is: can the household afford to pay for the expenses associated with participating in sports?


Will my financial information be held confidential?

Absolutely. Caris Sports Foundation adheres to a strict privacy policy. Only designated Caris Sports Foundation personnel will see your information. Once a financial support decision has been made and you have been informed, the information will be destroyed.


Will my financial information be held confidential?

Absolutely. Caris Sports Foundation adheres to a strict privacy policy. Only designated Caris Sports Foundation personnel will see your information. Once a financial support decision has been made and you have been informed, the information will be destroyed.


Can I apply for financial aid multiple times during a 12 month period?

No. A competitive sport applicant is only eligible to receive financial aid once during a 12-month period.


If I did not receive the full amount of financial aid requested, can I reapply for the remaining amount?

If an applicant has received any financial aid through the competitive application process in the previous 12 months, they may not reapply for additional funds.

Recreational Application versus Competitive Application

Which application should I submit?

If you would like to join a team or organization that requires a tryout and can accept or reject you on the basis of athletic ability, submit the competitive application. If you want to join a team for fun or the love of the game, submit the recreational application.


What if I am not sure?

Ask yourself: Do I want to compete against other people for a position on the team, or do I just want to have fun with friends? If you’re seeking to compete, fill out the competitive application. If you are seeking recreation without the pressure of competitive sports, fill out the recreational application.


Which teams may I try to join?

Applicants must participate with Arizona sports organizations approved by Caris Sports Foundation. We have a long list of approved teams and organizations with new ones added regularly. Chances are good that the team you want to join is on the list. If the team is not on the list, the team’s representatives may contact Caris Sports Foundation to petition for approved status. Applicants must meet the requirements of the teams or organizations to which they apply.


Can you tell me more about the reference letter?

The reference letter is an important part of the application. We want an authority figure to vouch for an applicant and explain why financial support from Caris Sports Foundation should be awarded to him or her. If the student-athlete wants to participate in competitive sports, we also want to know the ability level. This is a chance for someone who knows the applicant—a teacher, coach, or counselor (not a relative or friend)—to help convey the applicant’s desire to participate in sports and the rationale for Caris Sports Foundation to support that applicant.


Can you tell me more about the essay?

Think of it as a letter of recommendation in your own words. We want to know what your motivation is, why you want to be on the team you’re applying for. Convince us you deserve financial support from Caris Sports Foundation. We’re all ears.

The Application Process

What happens once I turn in the application?

Applications are reviewed monthly by the Caris Sports Foundation Financial Support Committee. The committee makes sure the application is complete. If additional information is required, a committee representative will contact the applicant. The committee then reviews each application on a case-by-case basis and makes a decision based on demonstrated need, available funding, and the applicant’s eligibility to join the organization of his or her choice.


How long does it take for the committee to make a decision?

Financial support decisions may take up to 60 days depending on registration timelines, application submission date, and the number of applications received.


If I am turned down, may I appeal the decision?

No. The committee has the final say in financial support decisions. However, you may apply again, and if you have new information that may be helpful to you, the committee will take that into consideration when reviewing the new application as a new submission.

Financial Support

What does financial support from Caris Sports Foundation cover?

Financial support may be used to pay for the expenses incurred by joining and participating with a sports team. This may include team fees, uniforms, and other related costs.


How does Caris Sports Foundation know how much money a team requires from the applicant for participation?

The applicant will provide the necessary documentation from the team for the funds needed to participate


What if the expenses are higher than the financial support amount awarded?

Such cases are rare; however, if this kind of situation arises Caris Sports Foundation will try to work with the sports team to address the issue.


Who receives the financial support award? 

All awards are paid directly to the applicant’s sports team on behalf of the applicant. Prior to funds being distributed, the sports organization must confirm the applicant’s good standing and eligibility with the organization. In addition, the selected organization must be in good standing with Caris Sports Foundation.


What is the duration of the financial support award?

Financial support is awarded for one season. Recipients who want a financial support for an additional season are required to reapply. Applicants who have received financial support are not guaranteed an additional funding.