In Retrospect…

What a year it was! Despite all the difficulties we faced, 2021 was a great success, thanks to you!


Things started with our inaugural golf tournament at the Biltmore Golf Club in Scottsdale. Thanks to our awesome sponsors, we had more than 140 golfers take part and we raised money for a terrific cause.


In November, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognized the impact it has had on mental health. We partnered with Jeff Becker and Passion 4 Ball to support athletes who are struggling with mental health and performance. The first sponsorships for these important sessions will begin early this year.


And, thanks to the amazing support from our sponsors, donors and supporters, Caris Sports Foundation gave out more than $40,000 in financial aid! That money helps so many kids get to enjoy sports on many different levels. It’s never too late (or too early!) in the year to donate. Your donation can give the gift of sports to a student-athlete and that is something that will help a child grow both on and off the field.


As we look ahead to a new year, get ready for our second annual golf tournament on April 22 at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club! It’s because of your support that we are changing lives and helping as many kids as we can. We are committed to Arizona’s student-athletes and this community.


Thank you for everything you helped us accomplish and we look forward to an even greater 2022.



Roxi McNabb, Jenn Kruse, Ashley Schugg, and Nicole Hawkins

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