Your child wants to quit, now what?

Most of us have fond memories of playing sports as kids. But what happens if your kid wants to quit? It’s not something we want to think about happening, but it’s a moment that is pivotal in your child’s world.


First things first, find out why he or she wants to quit. Common reasons include unrealistic expectations from coaches and parents, believing that they don’t measure up to their teammates, and a lack of fun. But just because your child feels like quitting, doesn’t mean it’s a done deal. Now is the time to get your child involved in the problem-solving process.


Talk about why their excitement has waned and what could change that would help fix the issue. Often times, what seems like an insurmountable obstacle can become a manageable issue for a child. Not only will having a heartfelt talk help you find out more about what is driving your child’s feelings, it gives them ownership of the decision and gives them a part in finding a solution. Don’t be afraid to get the coach involved, too, and keep him or her up to date on what you’ve learned from your child. A coach is there to help kids learn and have fun, so being on the same page will make their job easier.


None of us wants to see our child lose their sense of fun and quit. Finding out what is driving those thoughts will go a long way toward potentially fixing them and allowing your kid to finish their season strong.

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