Your child isn’t the star of the team… and that’s okay

As parents, we all want to see our child be the star of the team. When it comes to youth sports, seeing our student athlete shine is a moment we’ll always remember. But what happens if the opposite is true? Just because your student athlete may not be the star of the team, or play as much as other athletes, doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time. In fact, there can be essential life lessons learned when we participate in a team sport where we’re not “the star.”


For starters, it teaches children that everyone is important, not just the most public figures. Every player is important and essential during each practice, helping the team get better. As the saying goes, there is no ‘I” in team and every player is needed to push each other, learn from one another and be ready should the occasion arise during a game. We learn the true meaning of being a part of a team and that everyone serves a purpose, whether they start the game or not. It also helps teach kids to work hard and grow, knowing that the full benefits of hard work will take time to be fully realized.


A kid playing a sport for the first time will struggle. But once they learn the ins and outs and continue to hone their skills, they’ll begin to shine. While no one likes to see their child struggle, the challenges they face can pay dividends down the road and help them grow on and off the field.

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