Final Financial Aid Awards for 2020

2020 is finally coming to an end, and although most of us probably feel a bit of relief in saying so, Caris Sports Foundation still has work to do! We accept applications for financial aid year-round, but our financial aid awards are distributed on a quarterly basis. Any full-time student, K – 12, may apply via the Recreational Application or a Competitive Application, depending on the needs of the student-athlete. All applications must be accompanied by an essay and a reference letter.


A reference letter, sometimes known as a letter of reference, recommendation letter, or a letter of recommendation, should vouch for the applicant and explain why a financial aid award is deserving of the student-athlete. This letter should be written by a teacher, a coach, or a student counsellor, not unlike a reference letter for a college application or a job. It should convey the applicant’s desire to play the support in which the financial aid will be applied.


The essay portion of the application process is like a college essay.  We want to hear from our applicants! We want to know why they’re deserving of a financial aid award. This is a letter of recommendation from the student-athlete. What motivates them? What’s their story? We can’t wait to hear it! Find some terrific tips from ESL Buzz on Essay Writing here.


Caris Sports Foundation adheres to a strict privacy policy. Your application is confidential and only Caris Sports Foundation personnel will review it. If you or someone you know is in need of our support, start the application process now because all deserve to play!

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